About us

About company Eduabi OÜ

We mediate products from Estonian handicrafters, hobbydesigners and artists. Most of them are not related to companies, but some of them are trying to establish one.

Through our services we provide them support to become successful. „Edu“ means „success“ and „abi“ is translated to „aid“, so our company „Eduabi“ stands for success aid.

One of our services to our Estonian clients is selling and promoting their products.

Every one of our clients are allowed to evaluate their own products so they don’t have to sell them unprofitably due the pressure and constraints of resellers. This policy will ensure that their business is sustainable and buyers will be able to place orders over years.

We believe that giving our handicrafters feedback through orders and special orders will keep them motivated and will support their development. This way they meet buyers needs the best and buyers will „grow“ our producing clients according to their own needs.

Unlike any company we encourage these creative persons to cooperate to execute orders and will support them all the way by sharing our ideas, giving them advice and helping them organize production and transportation and represent them on negotiations.